Studio Pics

SInce folk have asked to see my studio, I shall oblige. I’m in the process of moving so the Capybara isn’t there, or the Monomachine, but other than that it never really looks any better anyway. I wish I could say that’s sound-absorption material in the background, but it isn’t. It’s an Ikea mattress. Classy.


2 thoughts on “Studio Pics

  1. cool simple set up. thanks for sharing.

    how’s that maschine kit? kind of interested in that. do you use it more as a plug in or stand alone

    • I really like Maschine….it’s like having an MPC but without the tiny screen. I mainly use it for playing live, but it’s also perfect for slower tempo beats….i just use it as a plugin in live or logic. It’s greedy on the CPU though, and you can’t change patterns via MIDI which is a pain……

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