Alex Smoke – Retirement

So I’ve mentioned this on my social channels already but thought I’d give a fuller outline here where I have a few more words to play with.

It’s no big deal, just a change of focus: I want to put a line under the Alex Smoke name and let him fall silent. I have loved making music for dance floors, I have loved touring and sharing it, and I have loved meeting people all over the world whilst doing it, but the time has come to call it a day. My heart is no longer in that life.

Instead I shall be focussing my energies on making music under my own name, and composing for individual events and projects as they arise. Music is still my full time employment, and I shall be continuing to release on my own Other World Music label, as well as side projects with other labels. Only the kind of music will change.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, booking me for gigs, buying my records, asking me to sign their shoes with tipex. It has always meant a lot and I have made many fine friends in the process.

I shall continue to use this website as my news outlet for now but may gradually switch full time to the Alex Menzies one. See ye later.

2 thoughts on “Alex Smoke – Retirement

  1. You’ve left a great legacy of Alex Smoke music, some of my favourite tracks of the past 15odd years. Happy retirement Mr. Smoke 😉
    Looking forward to what the future brings!

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