New Release – Zar EP

Something new, an EP of material of a different flavour. It’s 4 tracks exploring lots of rhythmic ideas and instrumentation inspired by various parts of the world. Now up on Bandcamp only. Zar by Zar Love0 Share

New Release – So Below

So Below is a live performance piece for a chapel or resonant space, with the option of using various instruments. It was first performed in 2019 at the Glasgow University Chapel, supported by Cryptic, and with Maarten Vos on cello. The setup is for an array of speakers around the space, with the sound moving… Continue reading New Release – So Below

Release – Other World Music Vol.II

Finally available as a digital download, after being on cassette only. Now released under my Alex Smoke moniker, as Alex Menzies will now just be used for commercial work. It’s a combination of ideas from various cultures, from my work on music and health, and from experimenting with acoustic sources and physical modelling. I think… Continue reading Release – Other World Music Vol.II

New Album: Other World Music Vol.II

The second volume of my Other World Music series, under my own name, has been released. Again, it draws its influences from various musical traditions and forms and incorporates some of the research of my NHS music fellowship this year.   I am just pressing up tapes and releasing them myself although they will also… Continue reading New Album: Other World Music Vol.II

New Album: Other World Music Vol.1

For the last few years I have beenĂ‚ working increasingly away from the dancefloor under my own name, and soaking up more varied influences. Other World Music will be a series of albums reflecting my explorations in these new fields, part electronic, part acoustic, and exploring facets of sound and music such as psycho-acoustics, modal… Continue reading New Album: Other World Music Vol.1