Clack : Free Track

New music for you [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&player_type=artwork&color=05656a” width=”220″ height=”220″ ] Love0 Share

New Composition: Matrix Mechanics

I’ve had a new composition commissioned by Glasgow Concert Halls as part of their current season, to be performed alongside Craig Armstrong, AGF and Icebreaker. It’s going to be performed by me electronically, but it could equally be performed by any number of musicians, on any range of instruments. It’s based on the concept of… Continue reading New Composition: Matrix Mechanics

New Music To Download

For those of you who have been asleep to the joys of Soundcloud, I’ve been posting a few new tracks up there whilst you patiently wait for a new album, and I think it only makes sense to also have them up here for you to download of free. I’ll be adding a few more… Continue reading New Music To Download

New Music Of The Month Posted

Music of The Month updated for June/July, covering all the bases from drone to hip hop to techno. Click the image. Love0 Share

Faust [1926] With New Soundtrack By Alex Smoke

Alex Smoke presents FW Murnau’s incredible 1926 silent film with a new semi-classical score performed by Scottish Ensemble and backed with large scale electronics and sound design. The sound design incorporates various Faustian pacts of our times, from consumerism to Aleister Crowley to Middle East politics. Premiered at Glasgow Film Festival 2011, this sell-out show… Continue reading Faust [1926] With New Soundtrack By Alex Smoke

Welcome To My New Website

Welcome to my new website, which will be the central hub for all things music-related. All news, music and film items will be posted here. I’ll also use it to announce future plans. If I ever give anything away for free, like monogrammed socks or Alex Smoke ring-binders, it’s here that it’ll be announced. Love0… Continue reading Welcome To My New Website