Faust – Score To Download

The full score to accompany F.W.Murnau’s film of Faust (1926)Â is now available to buy, with all proceeds going to charity.

[bandcamp album=3011161142Â bgcol=ffffff linkcol=204d50 size=grande3]

Written for string quintet and electronics.

Performed by players of The Scottish Ensemble (www.scottishensemble.co.uk) and recorded at Chem19 Studios, Glasgow.

Designed to be played alongside the film.
The version of the film required is the Eureka – Masters Of Cinema original German version (www.eurekavideo.co.uk/moc/catalogue/faust/) The free version available on Openflix is not correct and much shorter.

All proceeds go to the Palestine Childrens’ Relief Fund charity. www.pcrf.net


  1. Beautiful stuff Mr. Menzies! At times it reminds me of Steve Reich a his best. Where can I buy it in CD format, or is it download only?

      1. Thanks for the reply, album downloading as I type. Do you think you will ever perform the soundtrack live alongside a screening of the film again? Would love to experience that….

        1. Thanks for buying it. It is 90% going to be performed again this summer, but only in Shetland I’m afraid……still working out the details. I will continue to try and have it performed though…..

    1. Some beautiful venues there for sure…just been looking at the website. It is always a matter of funds, as each performance costs a lot to put on…..but I will be considering the venues for other projects too as they look excellent…..

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