Film + Composition

Film: Faust (1926) – Full score for string quintet and electronics.

You can buy the full score here (all proceeds to charity) :

 Compilation Clip:


TV: BBC – Order & Disorder – Episode 1 – All Music


TV: BBC – Order & Disorder – Episode 2 – All Music


TV: BBC – Clockwork Dreams – All Music


Installation Piece – Fovea – Sound Design/Music

[vimeo w=500&h=281]


Finlay MacKay Showreel – Original Music

[vimeo 93182150 w=500 h=281]


Other Individual Pieces

2008 – Akesis – Performed by The Scottish Ensemble (Commission from DCA, Dundee)

2010 – Caller Herrin Rework – with Ned Bigham (Commission from The Scottish Ensemble)

2011 – Matrix Mechanics (Commission from Glasgow Concert Halls)


  1. Really solid work Alex. Didn’t realise it was you who scored those Jim Al-Khalili doc’s. Would love to work on something like that. Best of luck in all your future projects.
    Cheers, W

  2. Love ‘Dust & Ruction’ on R&S. The textures and how the beats are constructed are amazing man!
    Same depth above in the vids. Inspirational for sure!!

  3. Great music for the BBC Order and Disorder! I have tried to download the music but could not find it anywhere. Could you please send it? Keep up the great job!

      1. Never heard you’re music before mate but ive spent hours hunting you down on the internet after listening to the first 2 mins of BBC4 Order and Disorder, aboslute class, very haunting but beautiful. Please do what you have to do to make this commercially available. During my trawling of the internet have found many people wanting to know the Artist and soundtrack, you’ve got talent please keep me updated.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! I had given up hope of ever finding the soundtrack for Order and Disorder. Decided to look one more time and found this site.

    Amazing work. Thanks.

    1. Thanks a lot….it’s currently not available for download directly as it gets a proper release next month. I’ll post about it when I have the fine detail.

  5. Fantastic stuff. Is it possible to re-release your Clockwork Dreams soundtrack? Or direct us to another place to find it? It’s captivating.

  6. Hi I would love a digital version of Clockwork Dreams, I looked on the Kathexis website and it is not there. Was it ever released anywhere?

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