Mixing & Mastering

Professional mixing and mastering. Choose the level of complexity you would like for your mix. From a simple stereo master, up to a full mix with as many separate parts as you like. The more stems there are, the better the result.

There is also a more involved premium option for those who would like a little creative input. From arrangement to alternative parts, this will help you achieve the result you want, no matter the genre.

Whatever the style of music, I take your stems and create a mix of depth and clarity, that will stand alongside other professional mixes.

The prices below will cover most circumstances, with tracks that require balancing, EQ, compression, effects and mastering for pressing or digital distribution.

We have a chat before I begin so I know what you expect and what direction you’re going in. I will always give you the option of making revisions and I offer feedback and advice if wanted. All mixes can be provided as mixed stems for remix purposes, and in any format required.

Larger scale projects involving more acoustic instruments, multiple mic positions and disparate electronic and acoustic elements will obviously involve more work, more time and thus more money, but my pricing will always be competitive. A complex album project may take upwards of 150 hours of work, depending on what’s required, while a single track might take just a few hours, with another one for mastering.

For albums or more complex projects just contact me at mixing@alexsmoke.com.

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