Studio Pics

SInce folk have asked to see my studio, I shall oblige. I’m in the process of moving so the Capybara isn’t there, or the Monomachine, but other than that it never really looks any better anyway. I wish I could say that’s sound-absorption material in the background, but it isn’t. It’s an Ikea mattress. Classy.



  1. cool simple set up. thanks for sharing.

    how’s that maschine kit? kind of interested in that. do you use it more as a plug in or stand alone

    1. I really like Maschine….it’s like having an MPC but without the tiny screen. I mainly use it for playing live, but it’s also perfect for slower tempo beats….i just use it as a plugin in live or logic. It’s greedy on the CPU though, and you can’t change patterns via MIDI which is a pain……

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