Audio Production Tuition

audio production tuition

Personal Audio Production Tuition

This is the most personal and targeted way to work on those things that you’re most interested in. Whether that’s arrangement, synthesis, nerding about EQs and compressor plugins, or the creative use of effects, this is the modern equivalent of violin lessons.

I offer tuition using either Logic Pro or Ableton. If you have a long experience with another program, then it should still be possible to manage lessons using different programs. Just contact me and we can work out if it’s feasible.

I focus on musical creation rather than the nitty gritty of the programs themselves, although of course learning new things about the program comes with the territory too.

Guided Mix Sessions

As an additional approach to tuition, I am also offering guided mix sessions. This is where I work on your original Ableton or Logic sessions, annotating the work that I do within the program itself.

This gives you a direct insight into what I’ve done, and where, and for what reason. It also results in a track that has been professionally mixed, although this of course depends slightly on the level of development you’re at to start with!

This is probably the fastest and simplest route to improving your own production, as it is operating within your own style of music and in the application you’re used to.

Individual Tuition is £40 per hour, with discounts for block bookings.

Guided Mix Session is £80 per track.

If you’re interested in either of these, just drop me a line at