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I’ve had a new composition commissioned by Glasgow Concert Halls as part of their current season, to be performed alongside Craig Armstrong, AGF and Icebreaker. It’s going to be performed by me electronically, but it could equally be performed by any number of musicians, on any range of instruments. It’s based on the concept of Terry Riley’s minimalist composition ‘In C’ in which musicians play short repeated sections of music for durations and at timing intervals of their own choosing. Details of the performance, including artist Jim Buchanan’s accompanying light labyrinth, are below.

Event Details:

Space Wide Open: Labyrinth of Light with Craig Armstrong, Icebreaker and Alex Smoke

Friday 23rd September 2011, 7.00pm

Old Fruitmarket

Part of the Glasgow Music 2011/2012 Season

Featuring Scottish land artist Jim Buchanan’s amazing water and light installation, Labyrinth. Specially commissioned for the occasion, Buchanan will transform the Old Fruitmarket into a fascinating water maze. An evening of ambient music set around the labyrinth, featuring the internationally renowned composer Craig Armstrong, the dynamic new music group Icebreaker (who perform Terry Riley’s classic In C) and Alex Smoke performing his electronic piece also inspired by In C. Part art installation, part concert – beautiful sounds and sights together.

Access to the labyrinth will be from 7pm with music starting at 8pm.

Tickets:  £17.50


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