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Tutorial -
How To Write Sequences

For the first tutorial video I selected a subject at random, but one which I think has a wide range of uses to people if they are starting out.

Namely, how to write patterns for basslines, arps and synths.

Coming up with ideas is sometimes the hardest part, and I think this technique makes it easy to get going and provide food for further ideas development.

There is much more that I could say about this so that will be covered in future tutorials.

As ever, if there are things that you would like me to cover in future then just leave requests in the comments.


Why Make Music?

alexsmokemusicalexsmokemusicApril 29, 2024

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  1. Love Over Will 3:16
  2. Eirini Pt.2 VII 9:11
  3. Star At The Summit 3:12
  4. Carlos 4:19
  5. Portal III 9:22
  6. A Light Beyond - Clip 1 1:12
  7. Dust 3:54
  8. Greek Mode 4:10
  9. Erini Pt.1 VII 6:51
  10. A Light Beyond - Clip 2 1:20
  11. Word 2:53
  12. Haud Close Tae Me [Instrumental] 4:30
  13. Geodesic 5:50
  14. A Light Beyond - Clip 3 1:44
  15. PP 6:36