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9 Best Free Synths

Here are 9 free synths that I love, in video format.

It is a noticeable fact that digital synths are better represented in the world of free plugins, but there are some excellent analogue impersonators available too.

U-he in particular have made a number of free synths available over the years so it’s worth investigating them a little further.

I am still not naturally drawn to short videos, as there is always so much to say, soI have also outlined some of what I say in the video below in case you prefer the written word.

And all of these developers welcome a donation if you enjoy using their software.

The Synths


Why Make Music?

alexsmokemusicalexsmokemusicApril 29, 2024

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  1. Love Over Will 3:16
  2. Eirini Pt.2 VII 9:11
  3. Star At The Summit 3:12
  4. Carlos 4:19
  5. Portal III 9:22
  6. A Light Beyond - Clip 1 1:12
  7. Dust 3:54
  8. Greek Mode 4:10
  9. Erini Pt.1 VII 6:51
  10. A Light Beyond - Clip 2 1:20
  11. Word 2:53
  12. Haud Close Tae Me [Instrumental] 4:30
  13. Geodesic 5:50
  14. A Light Beyond - Clip 3 1:44
  15. PP 6:36