Faust LIVE


In October, the Scottish Ensemble will be performing my score for Murnau’s film of Faust in a fully live context.

I shall also be performing alongside them, handling the electronic portion of the score.

This will be a rare opportunity to see the music live with the film, and hopefully it will be pretty special.

The two dates are:

October 18th, 9pm

Dundee – Dundee Contemporary Arts

October 26th, 9pm

Inverness – Eden Court Cinema

More details can be found here on the Scottish Ensemble’s website



  1. Wow, this will be special indeed! I saw Murnau’s Faust with your score at the GFT a year or two ago and it was immense. Loved it. To hear it with an actual orchestra will be quite something, I hope I can get to one of these performances. Have a great time with it.

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