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It’s been a quiet start to the year as far as observable activity is concerned, but behind the scenes it has been full on.

The first work to break ground will be ‘So Below’, a one-off performance with my sometime collaborator Maarten Vos at the Glasgow University Memorial Chapel, supported by the PRS Foundation and Cryptic.

I don’t want to go into too much detail on what to expect but it will be immersive, will incorporate cello, electronics and multi-channel surround, and will take place at night.

Hopefully some of you can make it.

Wed 3rd April, 8pm. Tickets are £10/£7 and available here.


Initiation Mix

alexsmokemusicalexsmokemusicFebruary 28, 2024

Love Over Will – LIVE A/V

alexsmokemusicalexsmokemusicFebruary 28, 2024


  • Matt Jackson says:

    Hi Alex, Is Alex Smoke and Wraithlic now in carbon freeze, is the Glasgow show as you ?
    Come to London again soon, do a night with others, maybe Andy Stott, Cheers fella

    • alexsmoke says:

      Hey Matt. I am now just using the name Alex Smoke for everything except my work on film and TV. The output is going to be totally different though. And Wraetlic will be back for an album this year too.

  • Kieran Boyle says:

    Gutted I missed this, especially as I work at the University. Only just saw the post now . . .

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  1. Love Over Will 3:16
  2. Eirini Pt.2 VII 9:11
  3. Star At The Summit 3:12
  4. Carlos 4:19
  5. Portal III 9:22
  6. A Light Beyond - Clip 1 1:12
  7. Dust 3:54
  8. Greek Mode 4:10
  9. Erini Pt.1 VII 6:51
  10. A Light Beyond - Clip 2 1:20
  11. Word 2:53
  12. Haud Close Tae Me [Instrumental] 4:30
  13. Geodesic 5:50
  14. A Light Beyond - Clip 3 1:44
  15. PP 6:36