Subsine Academy Masterclass

This Saturday (19th November) Subsine Academy have asked me to do an in-person masterclass at their studios in Glasgow. It’ll run for 2 hours, from 2pm. I’ll be covering as much ground as possible relating to my background, techniques, software, hardware and creativity in general, and I shall answer any and all questions if you… Continue reading Subsine Academy Masterclass

Gig: Eirini – Live instrumental @ CCA

My first live performance since Creation in April will be on 24th August at the CCA, Glasgow. I’ll be performing a live instrumental show based on my Eirini albums, consisting of a home-made string instrument of some description, bells and voice. The concert also features Sonia Killmann, performing her own ‘Them! There! Eyes?’ , and… Continue reading Gig: Eirini – Live instrumental @ CCA

New Live Work: Creation

Part of Sonica 2022 in Glasgow, new live work Creation is a performance piece written alongside the construction of new instrument built for the purpose. The instrument has largely dictated the writing, being a four bridge version of Bart Hopkin’s ‘Handsome Glenn’ zither. It is played from one side, with the electronic pickups on the… Continue reading New Live Work: Creation

Eirini II – remastered and now streaming

The Eirini II album is remastered and now up on the full smorgasbord of music streaming services: If you bought it on Bandcamp, re-download to get the re-mastered version automatically. You can still own in outright by buying it here: Eirini Pt2 by Alex Smoke

New Release – Zar EP

Something new, an EP of material of a different flavour. It’s 4 tracks exploring lots of rhythmic ideas and instrumentation inspired by various parts of the world. Now up on Bandcamp only. Zar by Zar

New Release – So Below

So Below is a live performance piece for a chapel or resonant space, with the option of using various instruments. It was first performed in 2019 at the Glasgow University Chapel, supported by Cryptic, and with Maarten Vos on cello. The setup is for an array of speakers around the space, with the sound moving… Continue reading New Release – So Below

Mixing, Mastering, Tuition

As of now I will be offering a number of services aimed at helping producers get their work to a professional standard. The aim is to provide professional services for mixing and mastering, as well as tuition and guided mixing sessions, at an affordable cost. I’ve done this privately for friends, youth programs and professionally… Continue reading Mixing, Mastering, Tuition